Setting up Google Analytics

Creating an account

If you don't already have an Analytics account – sign up for one now on their homepage. Look for the "Sign Up Now" link (we don't want to link directly as they keep changing these things). If you don't have an Google account (i.e for mail, reader etc) you may have to create one first (look in the top right corner on the Analytics signup page – they've hidden it well).

Adding your portfolio

Once you're up and running with Analytics, login and then click the "cog icon" in the top right corner… You'll be shown a list of your accounts/sites. If you've just signed up it's going to be empty.

Getting started

  1. Click on "New Account".
  2. Name your account. You can call it whatever you like but why not simply call it PortfolioDeck?
  3. Select 'http://' and fill in the address for your portfolio. It should be something like '' (or your custom domain if you have one of those).
  4. Select the timezone for where you live.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Click "Create account"

Creating account

Getting the tracking code

If all went well you'll arrive at your new account page. Close to the top of the page you'll find the tracking ID (something like 'UA-28988561-1').

Tracking ID

  1. Copy the tracking ID code.
  2. Login to your PortfolioDeck admin and click the "Customise" button in the menu.
  3. Click the “Set your Analytics ID” button in the Google Analytics box.
  4. Paste the tracking ID code in the ”Analytics ID” field and click “Save changes”.